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Rat and Dragon | The Skydive Project
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The Skydive Project

Look up! It’s your fearless Rat & Dragon film crew, freefalling at you with fresh and fantastic films of people plummeting out of aeroplanes. We’re working with Skydive Australia on this utterly breathtaking project to capture the experience at each of their 12 drop zones across all corners of the continent, from East Coast to West, from the wild south to the tropical north.


And it turns out it’s not 100% pure adrenaline. Sure, maybe 95%, but also in the mix are local experiences and eye-popping landscapes unique to each drop zone, as well as human dramas – stories fear and triumph – played out from the ground all the way up to 14,000 feet above the earth and through the very air in between, at speeds of up to 250km per hour.


And our cameras are there to catch it all, so keep your eyes to the skies for the Skydive Australia project, landing soon.